Vonshef Coffee Maker Review

Vonshef Coffee Maker Review


  • Design7.8
  • Features8.2
  • Price9.7
  • Durability7.9
  • Coffee Taste8.2
  • Ease of Use8.5
  • Great price
  • slow(er than its competitors)
  • plastic-y feel
You get what you pay for, but you're still paying for a decent coffee machine. Don't expect much, but don't assume this machine can't carry its weight.
Vonshef is one of those brands you don’t hear much about a lot. However, they have been an authority brand with coffee lovers. Their products range from knives to boilers, as well as steamers and coffee accessories. They don’t have a ton of espresso makers, but the ones they do make are worth considering. This is assuming that you want a better quality brewer that gets the job done pumping consistent shots of espresso.

Vonshef 15 Bar Pump Espresso Coffee Maker Machine Review

If you are one of those people who like the convenience of having a nice little cup of espresso cappuccino brewed from your home, you need the Vonshef 15 Bar Pump brewer. The brewing process of this fully automatic espresso machine saves you the trouble of going to the local Starbucks every time you want a fancy espresso cup. Not to mention that commercial espresso machines can be expensive and may take a while to setup and program initially to brew fresh coffee or extract a quick double shot of espresso. However, this machine is not one of those impossibly programmable coffee machines. Vonshef Coffee Maker Review

Specifications of the Vonshef Espresso Maker

This espresso cappuccino maker comes with both single serve and double cup portafilter spouts. You won’t need any paper filters with it, so that will save you some time. You do have the inconvenience of having to wash and descale them though, although I don’t really see how that’s a big deal.
Vonshef Coffee Maker
Whether you want an espresso to wake you up, or a delicious cappuccino to enjoy, this home coffee machine can brew it for you
The 15 bar pump is more than enough to produce enough pressure for a delicious, full-bodied cup of coffee. The steam control features will help froth milk perfectly. In fact, cappuccino and latte drinkers would get addicted to this machine relatively quickly. Don’t look at an overpriced cappuccino maker just because it has milk frothing capabilities. You should certainly consider a cheaper alternative like this brewer. This fully automatic espresso brewer obviously has a removable water tank. The 1.5L hot water reservoir that comes with this espresso machine should be more than enough for anyone. The water tank is plastic, however. The milk frother may initially need a few seconds to start up. However, with the extraction of a good cup of espresso with decent crema, a few seconds is worth it. Coffee aroma and thickness were more than satisfying and similar quality to the Breville BES860XL. Even though that’s a higher end machine and it’s faster, this espresso brewer can surely compete in quality consistent espresso cups. All of the options combined are actually pretty amazing. This affordable coffee brewer (often discounted) can make lattes, mochas, cappuccinos, macchiatos, and many people’s favorite – hot chocolate. Regardless of how much coffee you really drink – this gives you plenty of choice! It should keep whoever comes over happy with their hot drink as well.

My final thoughts on the Vonshef Coffee Maker

Customer reviews for this brewer vary, but in my opinion you get what you pay for. You really can’t expect the best brewer in the world with this price. The main complaints usually concern the plastic water reservoir and the time it takes to complete a brew. You also can’t really brew coffee more than one cup at a time, and it doesn’t make the hottest temperature drinks neither – so if you want your coffee as hot as it can get, this may not be the best option.

Bottom Line

A DeLonghi machine might be your barista’s favorite moka pot coffee maker. Even though they’re good quality, those are often overpriced. This machine is reliable if you just need a nice little home espresso machine. Additionally, it’s for those who want to take a step up from those single serve one cup coffee machines or drip coffee makers. The Vonshef 15-bar coffee machine is an excellent choice. All things considered, this brewer makes the perfect cup of espresso drinks right in your kitchen. Furthermore, it brews consistently without the need to purchase commercial coffee.