Tassimo Vivy Review

Tassimo Vivy Coffee Machine Review


  • Design9.5
  • Features9.3
  • Price9.8
  • Durability9.1
  • Coffee Taste9
  • Ease of Use9.2
  • Versatile
  • Compact in size
  • Great value for the price
  • Initial directions are confusing
Great versatile home coffee machine that makes a variety of drinks.
Tassimo is a lineup by Bosch coffee makers. This line of coffee machines aim to create a tool which anyone can use. Even the beginner coffee lover. Furthermore, this coffee maker is the most compact coffee maker you’ll find. In addition, you receive a great package to start. The T-Disc drink system is wrapped in a small coffee maker. Of course, it’s definitely affordable. You can put it anywhere! From a corner to under a cabinet, the compact design makes this machine flexible to place it where you desire. Moreover, it’s easy to use and programmable as well. If you desire a single serve one cup coffee maker, it is great for that. Based on our review, this machine is a good quality compact home espresso machine.


Similarly, there are competitor products out there. Keurig, Krups, and DeLonghi all have similar products. Moreover, the K-Cup coffee single serve cups by Keurig are popular, to be honest. However, this machine is better for the frugal espresso lover or cappuccino and latte enthusiast. In fact, the espresso extracted might even have a better taste. In my opinion, you can get a decent extraction of cappuccino or latte from this machine with good tasting crema. Furthermore, the pods delivers a wide range of different types of coffee options to choose from. As a matter of fact, if you’re a home barista who wants a pod coffee maker with a steamer, read on, and see if you should pull the trigger.
Tassimo coffee machine review
Small and compact coffee brewer that fits anywhere.

Design and features

All angles have been curved, and the design and operation is dead simple. There is a compact water tank on the side with the power switch. The reservoir also has a built-in removable handle. There is only one button for both brewing and running water through. There’s also an indicator light that notifies you when to fill the water tank. This light also reminds you when it’s time for descaling. There is also a cleaning disc below the water tank. Ultimately, what’s interesting about this coffee maker is that it’s pretty flexible in regards to different cup size. In fact, many compact espresso coffee machines struggle with this. Fortunately,  this machine has an adjustable platform. You can either put it close to the spout for smaller cup sizes, or at the base, for standard mugs. Consequently, you can also remove it completely for larger cups.

Usability and taste

As mentioned earlier, usability is  easy.  Simply push a button for your drink. The temperature prep time is minimal. Additionally, after every drink, the machine reverts to a low-energy saving mode. Simply, put a T-Disc on the plate and close to pierce it. After, lock it and press the button.  The machine reads the barcode and starts preparing your espresso drink. Generally, it runs very smooth. You can get T-Discs in a few different varieties. The capacity of the water tank is 700ml. This might mean that you will be filling it a tad more often. The Vivy doesn’t have the pressure of big machines. Therefore, the taste is more dependent on the T-Discs used in the brewing process. Look into a few different brands and  find a taste you enjoy. Generally, as far as pod espresso goes, the espresso is freshly brewed and delicious.

Rounding up this Tassimo coffee machine review

At the end of the day, whether this machine is for you depends on what you expect. If you are looking for a simple machine taking up little space, go for it. However, if you enjoy a tad more advanced, this may not be a good choice. Instead, you might want to think about an upgraded semi-automatic or fully automatic espresso cappuccino machine. All things considered, the Tassimo Vivy is dead simple and very small. This brewer does dispense a good tasting cup of coffee as long as you choose good quality T-Discs. Additionally, you can put it anywhere you want  because this  cappuccino espresso machine doesn’t take up much space. It delivers a great cup of coffee or espresso at home without breaking the bank.