Sage Oracle Review

Sage Oracle Review


  • Design9.5
  • Features9.6
  • Price8
  • Durability9
  • Coffee Taste9.8
  • Ease of Use9
  • Makes a great tasting espresso
  • Gorgeous machine
  • Automatic milk texturing
  • Very expensive
  • Heavy
Expensive super automatic espresso machine that brews a variety of great tasting coffee drinks.
The high-end coffee maker market is pretty specific. People who buy such machines, know exactly what they want. And they don’t settle for anything less.  In fact, Heston Blumenthal, one of the most famous celebrity chefs in the world, introduced the Sage Oracle to that market. Unlike other this machine is a high-end, no compromise coffee maker. It is one of the most amazing Breville models on the market. Of course, it comes with a price to match, as well. You use the Oracle just like you would a manual espresso machine. Though it is not at a push of a button, there are some things it takes care of for you. For example, dosing, tamping or frothing milk are all taken care of with this one machine. What this results is in a highest-quality coffee, each and every time, without taking the control away from you. Without much further ado, read on for the full Sage Oracle review, and see if it is worth the high asking price.
sage oracle review
Bean to cup home espresso machine with automated milk texturing.

Design and features

The design might look familiar. It is very close to a manual espresso machine. Yes, the ones you see in high-street coffee chains. This is mostly because the grinding and brewing processes take place in separate units. There is a grounds holder with two homes, one under the grinder, and one under the water output. If you want something simple, look elsewhere. However, if you’re interested in the brewing process of espresso coffee drinks, keep on reading. The water tank reservoir is at the rear.  Because it is removable, you can refill it without moving the machine. And, if you want to move, there are wheels that you can pop out of the base. Note that it is fairly tall, and won’t just fit everywhere. Actually, it does require quite some space as far as height goes. <h2>The Feel</h2> The Oracle is made to give you the feel of a manual espresso maker, while keeping the functions that require true skills automatic. You need to put the coffee holder into the grinder first. Once your coffee is ground, you put it in the port next door and choose your beverage. Once that is done as well, you can add milk. The details and specifics make this a true barista experience, without the necessary skill to pump that first shot. sage oracle review Honestly, the coffee is fantastic as long as you know what you’re doing. In addition, the temperature control and the flexible grinder ensure that the perfect taste stays consistent. For this reason, the extraction of long coffees are rich and strong and the espresso is brewed with the best crema. Additionally, the milk frother dispenses a sweet taste you can’t get automatically. As a matter of fact, being able to create microfoam with zero effort is also a bonus. For those latte and cappuccino lovers, this coffee espresso machine could be the answer to your Starbucks line problem.

Final verdict of the Sage Oracle review

In conclusion, this coffee maker comes at a very high price. However, if you enjoy fresh cups of coffee and the brewing process, you will love this machine. The brewing versatility makes this an excellent appliance for the inner home barista in you. It caters to whether you are a espresso, cappuccino, or latte lover. It makes an excellent addition to any kitchen countertop. Moreover, the coffee is nothing short of astonishing. To sum everything up, it’s basically a manual espresso machine with an attached grinder that pumps the perfect cups of coffee. All things considered, coffee purists may think it’s the best home espresso machine money can buy. In my opinion, if you can afford it, there’s little reason not to buy it.