Miele Espresso Machine Review

This Miele Espresso Machine Review will touch on several Miele espresso machines. To make a comparison, this review will focus on the Miele CM5200 and the Miele CM6310. Though both of these models perform exceptionally, there are quite a few differences. Let’s take a look.

Miele CM5200

Of course, this machine is a high-end appliance that doesn’t come cheap. It’s the main competitor to espresso machine giants like Delonghi and Keurig. Miele Espresso Machine Review First


The Miele machines are straightforward. Built with simplicity in mind, do not expect much effort from your end. The machine is equipped with an easy to use feature that allows you to choose from 4 types of which two are double. They are coffee, double coffee, espresso and double espresso. This coffee brewer is made to have it all in one, featuring a whole bean system and a milk flask attached. It is often purchased by true espresso enthusiasts. That is because the coffee is always with the same, persistent quality for years after the purchase of the machine.

Miele CM6310

This machine differs from the CM5200, but still serves the same purpose. As a high-end espresso machine, it is often associated with other luxury machines. It is the less expensive of both, but we found they aren’t too far off each other. Miele Espresso Machine Review Second


The most notable feature of this Miele is its ability to extract two cups simultaneously. With the touch of a button, you can brew two espresso shots in under a minute. If this isn’t necessary, consider a single serve coffee brewer. This espresso machine lacks a milk flask, but we didn’t consider that a drawback since it’s not very important.

Miele Espresso Machine Review Verdict

All things considered, the Miele Espresso Machines are both very similar. They serve almost the same purpose. The CM5200 does have a few more features. However, it comes with a higher price tag. If money’s no object, you can go ahead and buy the CM5200, but if you want to save a few bucks, you won’t go wrong with the CM6310.