Keurig Rivo Review

Keurig Rivo Review


  • Design8
  • Features8
  • Price8
  • Durability7.8
  • Coffee Taste7.5
  • Ease of Use8
  • brews coffee in less than a minute
  • heavy
Built for speed, and the best choice if that is your main concern.

A Class Act Cappuccino & Latte System, in a Nutshell

The alarm clock rings, and you push the snooze button. Then you push it again. Actually, three more times. We all know how this ends. The 30-45 minutes of extra sleep now has to be taken from somewhere. But you still need a breakfast blend, and the coffee pot brewing process takes too long. Moreover, it takes equally as long to drip enough coffee to snatch on your way out the door. Additionally, it’s usually dirty from the last attempt at making a cup of coffee espresso. With the Keurig Rivo espresso coffee machine, your morning buzz could be dispensed at just the touch of a button. With the Rivo machine, you’ll have that cup of coffee with you as you head to work. In fact, this brewer is the fastest Keurig brewers on the market. Not only can you dispense a perfect cup of coffee brew in under a minute with the machine, the taste is amazing. Just keep in mind, no pouty faces when you feel your coffee doesn’t automatically come with smooth bossa nova in the background. You only have 10 minutes before you need to be on the highway anyway. keurig rivo review

Specifications of the Rivo R500

If you’re looking for something astounding, this may not be the brewer for you. This espresso coffee machine is not an entry-level coffee brewer. You could get a decent workout toting this 17 pound machine around the house, but I mean come on, are you really going to move it around that much? No. So is this a deal breaker? Not so much. Moving on. It’s a little fancier than some other Keurig models, with the whole milk frother part and everything. And it still allows you to enjoy your choice of cappuccino, coffee, latte, or something even custom. Frothing milk for cappuccino cups has never been easier. Fully automatic frothing capabilities to the right of this espresso brewer is only the beginning of the magic. Cappuccino addicts beware! This espresso cappuccino maker is quite the addicting appliance. The R500 comes with just about everything you need for your procrastinating lifestyle: automatic on/off functionality, energy saving mode, and the best part — brews great coffee in under one minute. You could run to the coffee brewing machine, turn it on, run back to the bathroom, and still be in the middle of brushing your teeth (assuming you brush for the dentist recommended two minutes) when it finishes.

Ok, so it’s fast. But is it easy to use?

In my opinion, anything fast AND easy to use is nothing short of revolutionary. Funny enough, the Italian word ‘Rivo’ means revolutionary. I’m no brand guru, but Rivo Keurig is probably a more semantic name for it (and probably grammatically incorrect too). The Rivo is easy to use with their one touch operation, dishwasher safe components, and a 60 ounce water tank reservoir. The milk can be steamed and frothed with ease for those who love crema. The settings are also easily programmable. Home espresso beverages never dispensed so quickly.

There has to be a con or two, right?

Every light casts a shadow. Just make sure you don’t think that the price point for this is the shadow (it’s marginally, just marginally more expensive than other Keurig espresso machines out there), this is where I will introduce what I think it is: the coffee pods. Many single-serve one cup coffee brewing systems use K-cups or other forms of coffee pods. However, when it comes to R500 pods, it is recommended to use Lavazza pods. This coffee pod is a special version of your traditional k-cup that is built for use with Lavazza Rivo coffee packs. You won’t find any of these at the gas station or local grocery store. Therefore, ordering them online is usually the way to go. But hey, you do get a nice little 12 pack to start with. Silver lining in brewing good coffee, right?

Anything else that’s cool

Many people around the world enjoy coffee. With a wide range of coffee makers out there, what makes this machine stand out? This brewer has option tricks up its sleeve if you aren’t in a rush to get anywhere. As a matter of fact, this machine lets you brew espressos and froth milk simultaneously. No more separate milk frothing! You can choose between three frothing modes and two espresso size options (Short 1.4 oz. and Lungo 2.8 oz.). Furthermore, the color scheme blends well with most kitchens or offices. In fact, your kitchen could use one of these fully automatic single cup coffee machines! Cappuccino maker, lattes, and microfoam at the touch of a button sounds like a dream.
best latte machine under 100
One serve coffee maker thats easy to use.

..Wrapping up this Keurig Rivo Review..

Unfortunately, do not expect gourmet quality goodness when the stuff can be made in under a minute. With machines like the Rivo, convenience is more important than quality. If you can budget it, consider a DeLonghi EC702, or something in that price range. Furthermore, check out some of the flagship machines if you really want to wow your taste buds. All things considered, this espresso maker is a fine machine to have on your countertop. ¬†This espresso cappuccino machine can quickly get you from the kitchen to your car. ¬†Additionally, this is one of our best coffee makers for college students. If you are an avid espresso drinker, then this machine may just be for you. When it comes to taste, ease, and versatility, this one cup coffee maker can truly be the answer to your espresso drink prayers. Home espresso brewing has never been easier. Not only does it get the job done with different types of espresso drinks, it gets the job done fast. ‘Nuff said.