Keurig B60 review

Keurig B60 Review


  • Design8.2
  • Features8.1
  • Price9.2
  • Durability8.8
  • Coffee Taste8.7
  • Ease of Use9
  • Easy to use
  • Relatively Inexpensive machine
  • K-cups can get expensive
Simple and easy to use 1 cup coffee brewer.
If you want a simple, easy, great cup of coffee, this¬†Keurig B60 coffee brewer may be a good one to look at. Coffee lovers unite because this baby has a special edition brewing system. As a matter of fact, this is a no nonsense brewer for the no nonsense person. It’s a modern and easy-to-use appliance for your kitchen. Brewing coffee doesn’t have to come in a twelve step program. For an in-depth look, stay until the end to determine whether this brewer will solve your daily caffeine fix. Keurig B60 Review Front Of course, the modern design fits beautifully on any kitchen/ office countertop. This brewer leads the market with its sleek design. Its blue back-lit water tank reservoir will mesmerize your guests. Who needs regular coffee when this is an upgrade from the regular single serve K-cup coffee maker, one cup coffee brewers, and drip coffee machines. Can I get a refill please?

Keurig B60 Features

The simple ergonomics of this brewer is one of the best features. Coffee people know the importance of a fresh and effortless brew. This machine can effortlessly brew a delicious, good tasting cup of coffee every morning consistently. Whether you’re an avid coffee enthusiast, or beginner coffee drinker, it caters to all who want that quick effortless brew. Descaling does not have to be a headache as cleaning is a breeze! Just follow the easy instructions in the manual. Keurig B60 Review Reservoir

Signature K-Cups

This coffee machine uses the signature Keurig K-Cups. This makes it very convenient for those who don’t want to put a lot of time and energy into brewing the perfect cup of coffee. Furthermore, these cups also avoid the hassle of ground coffee and other coffee accessories. Moreover, it leads to less of a clean up and more time to enjoy every brew.   Keurig B60 Review K-Cups

Three Brew Size Options

Contributing to its simplicity are the three available size options. No more compromising the larger coffee mug size. The brewing process is easy. Additionally, with just a click of a button, you have a great tasting coffee before your eyes.

Multiple Use Brewing System

You are not limited to drinking just your everyday morning coffee with this coffee brewer. Programming this machine to dispense hot cocoa and tea is effortless. No doubt, this feature confirms the legitimacy of the brew while offering various hot beverage options.

Keurig B60 Everywhere

In fact, many coffee enthusiasts may deter from buying this home brewer. However, its fast and reliable brewing process makes it the perfect go-to for any home/office. Keurig B60 Review Display

Keurig B60 Review Conclusion

All things considered, this machine is one of the most modern and easy-to-use coffeemakers in the market. This brewer is for those who value time, money, and simplicity when it comes to making coffee. After all, who wants to waste away in line at Starbucks all morning when a fresh cup of coffee can be easily brewed at home. However, if you’re looking for a more upgraded machine, try reading some of the fully automatic or semi-automatic espresso machine reviews.