delonghi EC820B review

Delonghi EC820B Review


  • Design
  • Features
  • Price
  • Durability
  • Coffee Taste
  • Ease of Use
  • Great tasting coffee
  • Brews ground coffee and ESE pods
  • A bit noisy
Makes a good tasting espresso or milk based coffee drink. Simple to use home brewer that gets the job done.
The Delonghi EC820B espresso machine is one of the most unique brewers on the market. This brewer comes equipped with all your coffee making needs. The reliability of this machine is unbeatable. It extracts consistent espresso shots time and time again. Moreover, it’s affordability compared to other commercial machines makes this a winner. Put away your coffee accessories and Starbucks money! What are you waiting for? Read further for a closer look at the new Delonghi EC820B espresso machine.Delonghi EC820B Review Front

Delonghi EC820B Features

As a matter of fact, this machine comes equipped with many unique features. Not only does it meet all of your caffeine needs, it does it fast. It caters to both picky espresso drinkers and those who just need a quick brew. Whatever espresso drink you desire, you can’t go wrong with this machine.

Espresso in 40 Seconds

One of the best perks about this machine is that it can extract espresso faster than most machines on the market. In just forty seconds, your coffee is ready to go!

Adjustable Frother

If you think the fast brewing process is amazing, check this out. Of course, this espresso machine has a built in adjustable milk frother for cappuccino and latte lovers. Imagine customizing the thickness and creaminess of your own microfoam. This brewer truly gives you the power to customize your drink they way you want. Delonghi EC820B Review Froth

Flexible Filter Holder

The brewer comes with a built in professional filter holder. It works with both coffee ground and ESE (Easy Serving Espresso) pods. If you are picky about your espresso quality, look no further. Not only can you use your own beans, you can easily insert an ESE pod for a quicker brew.Delonghi EC820B Review Holder The Delonghi EC820B has a cup holder on top of the machine. This keeps your hot beverage in immediate reach. Of course, this makes it look like a commercial coffee espresso machine found in most coffee shops. This is a semi automatic espresso machine. Delonghi also makes super automatic machines if you prefer convenience. Delonghi EC820B Review Cup-Holder

Rounding up the Delonghi EC820B Review

All things considered, this espresso machine is built for the impatient coffee lover. If you enjoy drinking authentic espressos or cappuccinos, this brewer could be perfect for you. This brewer doesn’t give you the option to brew a full cup of coffee. No doubt, it extracts quick, delicious espresso shots before your eyes. The best cup of espresso from the best home espresso machine doesn’t require much effort. So grab that quick double shot and head to work without any hassle. Delonghi EC820B Review Cups